Clockwork is asking agencies, corporations, small businesses, and software companies to join us in changing the workforce to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities like women, people of color, and LGBTQ.

Minnesota Technology Diversity Pledge

The Twin Cities tech sector is a vibrant and dynamic economy. It’s home to small startups and large corporations and over the last few decades it has consistently contributed to growth throughout the area. And yet, we can still do better when it comes to building a community. Our local industry lacks diversity.
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LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, and women are underrepresented and we want to change that. We pledge that we will commit resources, energy, and attention to this. By signing this letter, we pledge to start this now. Education of future generations is important, but we also have to take responsibility for being agents of change today.

We will:

  • Expand employment and career development practices to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities.

  • Develop a plan to increase hiring of LGBTQ, women, and people of color.

  • Educate HR, hiring teams, and current employees about unconscious bias and explicit prejudice, and activate specific plans to alleviate them.

  • Create internal development programs accessible to underrepresented employees.

  • Share data about LGBTQ, race, ability, and gender demographics within our office.  

But policies and programs are not enough. They don’t change culture, people do. We promise to not just implement programs, but also to engage in tough conversations with community members, assess and measure programs’ outcomes, and adapt our strategies as we learn.

We believe our workforce should showcase the real Minnesota: diverse and inclusive.




Participating MN Companies

The following MN companies have pledged their support for changing the workforce to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities.